Our patent pending vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep grants an individual access to their car top roof racks with one easy step. The heat treated aircraft grade aluminum alloy door step is simply hooked around the latch pin of your vehicle’s door well and is ready for use. To avoid any damage to the vehicle, we have included a 30 mil outdoor magnet which is simply applied below the latch pin.


Latch pins are the most common latch receiver used in almost every passenger car and truck that has been manufactured in the past 15 years.  Knowing this, we at Moki Doorstep saw this as an opportunity to make a universal design that would work on almost any vehicle. The area of the latch pin and a vehicles "Post" which the latch pin is attached to is extremely strong as it must meet government standards for safety in car accidents. Below is a link from the US Department of Transportation showing the strength of the latch pin.


What is the weight limit of the Moki Doorstep?

Answer: While the Moki Doorstep is made from aircraft grade aluminum, it has a weight limit of 300lbs.

Will the Moki Doorstep work on my vehicle?

Answer: The Moki Doorstep will fit MOST vehicle latch pins. In the unfortunate event it does not fit in your vehicle, We'll be glad to take the return and refund your money.

Will the Moki Doorstep damage my vehicle?

Answer: Every Moki  Doorstep is rubber coated to prevent any scratches.  We at Moki Doorstep added 30 mil outdoor magnets with each step to help avoid damaging your vehicle. So far we haven't had any issues with our vehicles. However, improper use and possibly proper use may result in vehicle damage. Refer to the instruction manual for proper use. We are not liable for any vehicle damage that the product may cause.

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